11 enviro-friendly highlights from the Singapore Motorshow 2023.

we’re glad to see our local Motorshow back after a three-year hiatus, now festooned with EVs and hybrids

After the pandemic-wrought shutdown wrecked plans for the past three years, Suntec City Level 4 is now bustling with cars once again at the Singapore Motorshow 2023. While relatively modest compared to previous shows, it’s a welcome start nonetheless. Here are our five must-see green picks and six notable mentions.

Nissan Ariya

Built on the CMF-EV platform, the Ariya takes Nissan’s electric vehicle (EV) game into the next level. Don’t take my word for it. Instead, just open the door and climb inside to feel it out for yourself. This EV is of a very high quality indeed, and unlike anything we’ve seen from Nissans of yore. While moseying around the SUV, you might notice a “Not For Sale” sticker on the windscreen. That’s because the Ariya is not yet slated to come to Singapore, but maybe, one day, fingers crossed, in 2024 perhaps? We hope it will. Definitely Motorshow-worthy.

Toyota bZ4X

Another EV at the Motorshow with a “Not For Sale” sticker on the windscreen is the Toyota bZ4X – but with good reason. The bZ4X will be part of a car-sharing scheme that’s slated for Tengah eco-town in a push towards the Singapore government’s goal of a car-lite and eco-friendly society. However, if ownership is your preferred option, head on over to Subaru’s stand to check out the Solterra, whose availability to purchase, we’ve been told, is currently in the planning stage. You can register your Solterra-interest with any Subaru sales consultant. Both the bZ4X and Solterra are the same EVs underneath the different badges and slightly re-worked body panels.

Lexus RZ 450e

If a popular and spacious Japanese luxury SUV has always been on your bucket list but purchasing one has been postponed because none have been an EV, fret not. Lexus has just unveiled its EV-version of the famous RX in the form of the RZ 450e. With a claimed range of around 315-350km from its 71.4kWh battery pack that drives all four wheels and puts 312hp down on the tarmac, this luxury Lexus dusts off the 0-100km/h sprint in just over five seconds. Who says luxury EVs have to be slow?

Kia Niro EV

Alongside its hybrid sibling, the Niro EV sits proud in a striking shade of pastel grey. With 147hp and a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, EV buyers can rest assured that their Kia will bring them where they need to go. Plus, the rear seats fold flat to turn this EV into a minivan, so practicality does not have to go flying out the window.

BYD Aquatic Mammals

While the sub-heading might be tongue-in-cheek, there’s no doubt that BYD has two completely different EV configurations here from its “Ocean Series” to suit your fancy. It’s also ironic that the Tesla showroom is right across the road from Suntec City at Millennia Walk, for the Seal appears to have the Model 3 squarely in its sights while clothed in a much more attractive package. Featuring 550-700km of claimed range and from 201-520hp in single to dual motor standard and long-range (performance) configurations, we’ll be interested to see how this EV stacks up against the aforementioned industry standard. The Dolphin, on the other hand, is more modest with claimed range of between 300-400km and 94-170hp motors and looks like an appropriate EV for pootling around in high-density traffic.

notable mentions

Hybrids, at this time, offer the best of both worlds in terms of efficiency and cleanliness, and are definitely worth a look. Here are two different offerings, first from Nissan with the X-Trail e-Power which uses its petrol engine purely as a generator to charge the high-output batteries, and from Lexus in the guise of the RX 350h if you prefer the hybrid version instead of the aforementioned RZ 450e EV.

It’s definitely interesting to see what both East and West bring to the table in terms of EV technology courtesy of Hyundai’s IONIQ 5, the Polestar 2, VW’s ID.4 and ID. Buzz, and the Škoda Enyaq Coupé iV. Not to mention all the buzz that the VW ID. Buzz has created worldwide.

The Singapore Motorshow 2023 runs from 12-15 January. Tickets can be purchased from Suntec Singapore Concourse Level 3 at $8 for the general public, and from SISTIC’s website (with an additional $1.20 online booking fee.) Children below 1.2-metres in height enjoy free entry. Show timings are:
Thur, 12 Jan 23 : 5pm to 9pm
Fri, 13 Jan 23 : 11.30am to 9pm
Sat, 14 Jan 23 : 10.30am to 9pm
Sun, 15 Jan 23 : 10.30am to 8pm

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