4 green spaces to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Singapore 2022.

Looking forward to the 2022 New Year’s Eve fireworks in Singapore? We’ve got 4 spaces for you to catch them, all while relaxing amongst lush, calming greenery!

Tell us, who doesn’t love watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks each year? If you’re not rushing over for the brilliant burst of colours lighting up the night sky in all their festive glory, you might just be wading through the crowds for that sense of celebration, that feeling of togetherness, and the honouring of the year that’s just passed, as well as the year to come.

So if you’re just as excited as we are for all that and more, this article’s for you – cause we’ve got good news. The 2022 New Year’s Eve fireworks in Singapore are returning to Marina Bay! An exciting comeback after a two-year hiatus, the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023 celebrations kicked off on 1 December with a myriad of activities, all leading up to the upcoming countdown, titled Star Island, on 31 December.

If you haven’t managed to get tickets to Star Island though, we’re here for you. You can still catch the 2022 New Year’s Eve Fireworks at spots around Marina Bay! futr Singapore’s gathered all the green spaces where you could lay out a picnic mat, enjoy the calm of greenery, and celebrate the New Year fireworks. 

1. Bay East at Gardens By The Bay 

Even on most days, the Marina Bay skyline is a gorgeous one – and it’s one that’s incredibly easy to admire from Bay East at Gardens by The Bay! If you’re looking to capture the Singapore New Year’s Eve fireworks this year amongst lush greenery and serene surroundings, Bay East might just be the go-to. It’s freely accessible to all, open 24/7, and the ideal spot to celebrate the New Year. 

Likelihood of seeing sparks: 9/10 

2. Marina Barrage 

If you haven’t had a picnic on Marina Barrage’s rooftop, you’re missing out. A mixture of sun, sea, and sights of greenery, tranquillity has no competition. Away from the heat of the Singaporean sun though, Marina Barrage’s rooftop is the perfect spot to watch the 2022 New Year’s Eve fireworks! An unobstructed view of the night sky, the sound of waves around you, and the cool night air to accompany you as you enjoy gorgeous fireworks.

Likelihood of seeing sparks: 8/10 

3. The Lawn @ Marina Bay 

Credit: Move with Mi on Facebook

A little green sanctuary in the midst of a concrete jungle, The Lawn at Marina Bay is true to its name – a small patch of green between buildings, surrounded by lush, green trees, and a big, open sky. If you’re looking for somewhere convenient to watch the fireworks, The Lawn might be a good place to start. It’s located right above Marina Bay Link Mall’s Subterranean Mall, so you’ll have access to all your favourite F&B outlets. Not to mention the cool breeze and bay view.

Likelihood of seeing sparks: 7/10 

4. Mount Faber’s peak.

We admit, this one might be a little bit of a stretch. But if you’re lucky, the view will be so worth it, especially if you’re looking to stir up some romantic vibes! From a birds’ eye view of the city to a sprinkling of bars and restaurants, this hilltop destination is soaked in charm and serenity. 

And with a higher vantage point, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of the Marina Bay New Year’s fireworks from where you are.

Likelihood of seeing sparks: 5/10 

Nothing rivals the child-like excitement of watching fireworks light up the sky – and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks is one of the few times we get to enjoy them! So if you’re not sure where to head to this weekend, you might just want to consider one of these green spaces. 

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