9 last minute, eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Buying Christmas gifts can be a stressful time. Luckily, we’ve got 9 last minute Christmas gift ideas that might just help you out! Plus, they’re eco-friendly. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And with that comes the Christmas gift shopping rush. Although the Christmas sales and Christmas Fairs are popping up wherever we go, it can be difficult to find something meaningful for each and everyone of your loved ones. You want something that will touch them and show them you care, without diverting to the unfortunate plastic-made gift that might end up unused and wasteful. 

No worries though, if you’re still unsure of what to get that one cousin who’s kind of close but not really, or that one uncle who’s never really happy – we’ve got your back. Splurge and embody the season of giving without resorting to wasteful antics with these 10 Christmas gift ideas. 

1. concert tickets.

If you’ve not been aware of the slew of bands and artists that have made their way to Singapore since the post-pandemic relaxing of safe management rules, you might want to pay close attention! From Arctic Monkeys and Conan Gray to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and even Sting, there’s a concert for everyone. And despite its size, concert tickets are a large enough gift that scream the season of giving! 

So if your loved one is a huge fan of music, electrifying vibes, and popular bands, this is the perfect gift for them this Christmas – you don’t even have to wait for tickets to start going on sale. Find out the ticket prices, send them the money (with a loving note indicating that the cash is earmarked for an incredible concert experience), and watch their faces light up with glee! 

Plus, the gift’s eco-friendly: everything can be done on the Internet, especially if you’re the one purchasing it for them. 

2. kayaking experiences. 

Image by Kayak Asia on Facebook.

You know that cousin – the one who’s always rock climbing, hiking, or enjoying something fun and outdoorsy under the sun. The one with fitspo pics on their Instagram feed, not to mention their Instagram stories filled with sneak peeks of their latest gym sesh. Like they say, pics or it didn’t happen! If it’s not on a ‘gram, did they really go to the gym? 

Well, if you’ve got that loved one in mind who’s absolutely obsessed with all things sporty and active, they might just appreciate this kayaking experience with Kayak Asia! A company that brings everyone and anyone up Singapore’s lesser known rivers, through mangroves and even organising overseas kayaking excursions, Kayak Asia is the perfect eco-gift for anyone who enjoys a good day paddling away. 

3. tickets to ecotourism sites. 

This one’s perfect for families with curious little kids, or nature lovers who can spend hours watching animals and plants bask in the sun. The best part? These tickets are on sale all year round, and don’t cost a fortune to purchase: a day trip to the Night Safari, Zoo, River Safari or even the Flower Domes at Gardens By The Bay! 

There’s nothing better than a day out living like a tourist in your own country, and for families with active little loves who’d enjoy a good day out discovering animals and flowers, this might just be the best gift. Plus, you won’t have to print out, wrap, or purchase anything physical (that might end up collecting dust anyway) for each and every one of the family members. Not only can they all be bought online and emailed, the ticket purchases are a killing two birds with one stone kind of vibe… And we’re all here for that kind of efficiency while still staying eco-friendly. 

4. memberships. 

There’s a membership for everyone – we promise. Whether it’s a gym membership, grocery store discounts, or a travel pass around the world, there’s something for any personality you know out there! Plus, since memberships last from a month to at least year, this means your loved ones will be thinking of you all year round. Talk about building bridges and strengthening bonds!

If you’re not sure what kind of memberships exist out there, here are a few you could start with! Women looking for a safe space to workout could check out ArkLiv, a female-only gym with a membership of $120/month! Other gyms include Anytime Fitness, whose membership fees start from $90/month, and ActiveGYM with a $30/month membership that grants your giftee unlimited access during all operating hours. 

If your recipient isn’t into working out, maybe check out NTUC Fairprice’s memberships – I mean, who doesn’t shop for groceries, right? Everyone and anyone would appreciate this! Especially if they love food and cooking. For just $9.99/month, memberships are a pretty affordable gift if you ask us.

And those membership plans are just the tip of the (hopefully non-melting) iceberg!

5. fashion statements.

Everyone loves to look good – it’s the confidence someone might need to get through the day, or it’s just a way to signal that the day’s beginning! Besides, we all wear clothes, so you can’t go wrong with this next gift (as long as you know the person’s fashion taste!) 

Eco-friendly gifts don’t just include experiences. They also come in eco-friendly, biodegradable and repurposed items! Check out Syne Singapore for customised bespoke kimonos made out of unwanted items, or Theresa Cotton for clothes designed with African Wax Prints and Hand Block Prints. 

The Reoutfitter also has designer, preloved picks for any occasion. And if you’re looking for more affordable picks, there are always thrift shops around Singapore for fashionable and sustainable bargains! 

6. kids’ fits. 

A child’s first few Christmases are some of the most exciting – from watching the delight on their faces as they open their gifts to enjoying the wonder in their eyes as they take part in festivities, kids are a vital part of the excitement! So if you’re looking for just the perfect gift for a little one, we’ve got you. 

Meet eco-friendly store Nimbu, a sustainable clothing store that sells gorgeous, preloved items! A green and easy way to fuel the undeniable need for a new set of outfits each month (thanks to a child’s rapid growth rate) clothes are always a welcome gift for kids. Plus, preloved items means you’re being eco-friendly and less wasteful!

7. premium tea leaves set. 

Image by Unpackt.

Tea people are the calmest people we know. Despite tea having caffeine that packs a punch, there’s something about a warm cup of tea on a cool rainy day that’s relaxing, and we totally get it!

So if you’re looking to give someone that cosy sensation of flavourful tea mixed with comfort, you might want to consider the Unpackt Premium Tea Leaves Set. One of their special Christmas gift sets, the box comes with 3 of Unpackt’s most popular tea flavours in tins: the Raffles Rooibos, Sakura Surprise and a special Christmas blend of Lychee Earl Grey. The pack also comes with a tea strainer for easy use!

8. eco-friendly kitchenware. 

Image by @mamashop.sg on Instagram.

Do you have that friend who’s obsessed with mugs and teacups and all things trinket-y, quaint, and pretty? If you do, this gift might just be for them! MamaShop, a shop championing sustainability and zero waste in their kitchenware, could be the green gift your friend needs for their collection. 

MamaShop’s materials range from eco-friendly bamboo to agricultural waste like rice husks and other eco-materials that conserve natural resources while minimising harmful environmental impact.

From reusable straws and lunch boxes to cups, bowls, and utensils, there’s eco-friendly kitchenware for everyone at MamaShop!

9. plantable candles. 

Image by @passiton.co on Instagram.

Reforestation doesn’t always come easy. From searching for the right NGO to donate to, to ensuring accountability, being conscious in your purchases and ensuring that your money doesn’t lead to the planet’s harm can be daunting! Luckily, with Pass It On®, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Pass It On®’s aim is to make sustainable urban living a necessity, passing on a sense of consciousness into daily choices and purchases. Their product, the Plantable Candle, helps you be a part of something bigger than yourself. With every purchase of the item, Pass It On donates a portion of the proceeds to plant 5 trees with their NGO partner, Eden Reforestation Projects! The best part? Your giftee can plant their own mini plant in the candle pot once they are done with it! Talk about reducing waste! 

Decided on gifts for your loved ones yet? Buying Christmas gifts can be a stressful time, especially when you’re trying to be conscious about your purchases while still meeting the deadline! With these 9 Christmas gift ideas though, perhaps you’ll be one step closer to getting the right, eco-friendly gift for your loved one! 

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