Mercedes-Benz EQE debuts in Singapore, two electrifying models available at launch.

With looks similar to its bigger EQS sibling, a silhouette similar to the CLS, and more space than the present E-Class, the EQE is poised to be a competitive option for the EV market.

In fact, the car is only about 90mm shorter than the EQS, with the two sharing the same bespoke design language from Mercedes-Benz.

Two models will be available from launch, with buyers having the option of choosing between the long-range EQE 350+ or the powerful and exciting EQE 43 4Matic.

long-range luxury cruiser.

Even though it is “considered” the base model, the EQE 350+ is still a comprehensive package to be reckoned with. A single rear motor propels the car forward with 292bhp and 565Nm of torque, enabling the EV to sprint to 100 in just 6.4 seconds.

A beefy battery pack lies within, with 90.6 kWh of useable power at your disposal. This equates to up to 660 kilometres (WLTP) on a single charge. Trip to Kuala Lumpur? An easy affair with the EQE.

If you’re running low on juice, the EQE also supports 170kW fast DC charging, allowing you to top up about 250 kilometres of range in just 15 minutes.

To counter its large wheelbase, the EQE is optionally available with rear-axle steering.

Buyers can opt for either 4.5° or 10° steering angle, and the 10° rear-axle steering reduces the car’s turning radius by about 2 metres.

Posh materials such as Nappa leather envelop you as you step into the cabin, and physical buttons are few and far between. Instead, large screens dominate your field of view, with unique chimes being played whenever you unlock or lock the doors, or when you start or stop the vehicle. 

Mercedes has also included a HEPA filter as part of the optional ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus package. The filter cleans the air that enters the cabin from the outside, and its very high filtration level allows it to clean up to 99.75% of particles.

If that isn’t enough, around 600 grams of activated charcoal is used in conjunction to neutralise odours. 

For storage, 430 litres of boot space is available, with the rear seats being able to fold 40:20:40 should you need to lug around longer cargo.

In line with Mercedes-Benz’s continuous efforts to become more sustainable, the EQE is also one of the first vehicles to be manufactured with steel produced from Salzgitter AG, which is 100 per cent recycled.

On the surface, this seems like a small change, but it helps reduce overall CO2 emissions in rolled steel production by more than 60 per cent.

oh, you wanted more performance?

For those beckoning for more power, Mercedes-Benz is also launching the EQE 43 4Matic variant. Power is boosted to 476bhp and a staggering 858Nm of torque, which can launch all 2.5 tonnes of EQE to 100km in just 4.2 seconds.

Even though the EQE 43 4Matic does have the same battery pack, its increased performance means the total range does taper off slightly, down to 534km (WLTP).

The EQE 43 4Matic receives AMG-specific design cues, with the most obvious difference being a new front grille featuring vertical slits and AMG badging. Aero bits on this model are more aggressive and highlighted in gloss black to give the car a classy two-tone look.

Instead of the usual 20-inch aero rims that are on the EQE 350+, the EQE 43 4Matic sits on massive 21-inch alloys.

A standout feature in the cabin is the MBUX Hyperscreen, which is only available on the EQE 43 variant. Similar to the EQS, it utilises multiple displays merged seamlessly to create an immersive curved display that spans the entire dashboard. 

Mercedes is really producing a lot of EV models huh? Check out our review of the EQB 250 here!

Sean Loo

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