new electric Volvo BZL-SC Neustar City bus debuts in Singapore.

The Volvo BZL-SC represents a huge step forward for Singapore, as it is the first electric bus that has been designed, engineered, and manufactured locally.

Volvo Buses Singapore, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, have partnered together with SC Auto to launch the all-new Volvo BZL-SC Neustar City. This is the first fully electric, three-door bus that is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Singapore.

The Volvo BZL-SC Neustar City showcases next-generation technology, utilising charging technology and a new chassis design to deliver superior efficiency while also being emission-free and tailored to Singapore roads.

Maximum occupancy is touted at 89 pax. Creature comforts include a high-capacity energy-efficient air-conditioning system, which works in tandem with double-glazed low-emissivity-coated glass panels to help reduce background noise and radiant heat transfer.

This is sorely needed in our warm and humid climate, where the cool air inside a bus can make all the difference in one’s journey.

Volvo is providing its customers with peace of mind too, as the bus is designed to have an expected lower Total Cost of Ownership. Plus, on the sustainability front, more than 90% of the bus is recyclable including the internal battery, reducing overall product waste.

The new Volvo electric bus will be manufactured in SC Auto’s local 18,000 sqm factory, which is a step in line with Singapore’s 10-year plan to grow its manufacturing sector by 50% in 2030. A modular design also allows for damaged parts to be replaced individually using locally-available spare parts, reducing repair and maintenance downtime.

Both Volvo and SC Auto are extending their partnerships too, collaborating with local tertiary institutions (ITE, Polytechnics and Universities) to help nurture a new generation of engineers. The collaboration is done in a bid to contribute to Singapore’s emerging electric vehicle ecosystem.

Can’t wait to check out this bus? Expect to see the Volvo BZL-SC Neustar City electric bus in action on our roads by end-2022.

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