enjoy cold-pressed juices, elixirs and shots with Re.Juve’s relaunch. 

Love all things, clean, healthy, and environmentally-friendly? You’re going to love Re.Juve’s juices & drinks.

If you were hanging around i12 Katong last weekend, you might have noticed a giant, 2-metre bottle standing in the middle of the mall, with loads of shoppers trying their luck at a free bottle of cold-press juice! Part of Re.Juve’s recent re-launch, their #LiveHappier event, hosted by celebrity DJs Glenn and The Flying Dutchman, saw crowds of young and old, all excited to take part in the festivities of the event. 

Even influencers like Singapore’s retired Track & Field athlete, U.K.Shyam, Rai from duo-group Jack & Rai, Former Olympic Swimmer and MMA fighter May Ooi, and Deacon Manu, the World Cup 2011 Rugby Captain for Fiji were present at the event!

but why all the fuss over juice?

Re.Juve’s juices aren’t like any other juice! Instead of being blended, they’re crafted specially using a cold-pressing process, where high quality ingredients enter a hydraulic press & undergo trituration. This method, according to Re.Juve, extracts the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients from the ingredients while still retaining their fibrous pulp. Plus, by using high-pressure processing (HPP), Re.Juve’s juices retain their freshness without being subject to pasteurisation or heat.

Long story short? These cold-press juices are not only refreshing, they’re as nutritious as a juice can get! A sip of the juice might leave you wondering though: they’re so sweet and tasty, are we sure the drinks are healthy? 

Yes, we’re sure! Re.juve’s juices are completely pure. No water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives are added to the juice. And since they’re 100% natural, the drinks retain the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the fruit and vegetable ingredients. 

not to mention, a #cleanlabel. 

Guilt-free in so many ways: Re.juve’s juices scream both healthy and environmentally-friendly.

In order to keep their juices’ nutrients in optimal condition (unharmed and safe to consume), Re.juve only uses the best-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) bottles. The bottles are made from 100% food grade recycled plastics….Which are also 100% recyclable! That, and all juices are packed in paper bags instead of plastic, to reduce the store’s contribution to plastic waste. Re.juve’s truly keeping to the reduce, reuse, and recycle motto!

(cold) pressed to try some?

If you’re interested in trying some of Re.juve’s drinks, you might want to start with their best-sellers! The Asian Green cold-pressed juice is a delicious, refreshing and healthy blend of organic spinach, organic cucumber, pineapple and apple. And it’s said to help with reducing blood pressure and maintaining healthy skin. 

Another thirst-quenching delight to try is the Turmeric Ginger cold-pressed shot, an all-time favourite with customers! Made with ginger, turmeric, green apple and lemon, its anti-inflammatory qualities keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day. Its curcumin content also helps to boost immunity.

But if you’re looking for variety, be sure to check out their cold-pressed almond milk, cold-pressed elixirs, and cold-pressed shots that use fresh fruits, organic vegetables, spices, and almonds. There’s something for everyone – we’re sure of it. 

from Semarang to Singapore. 

Re.juve was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has since spread country-wide. Outlets can be found in Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Semarang City. Because of this, all their drinks are halal-certified by Indonesia too, so talk about accessibility! 

Expanding to Singapore in 2021, Re.juve launched online during the circuit breaker and has been doing well since. With four outlets located across Singapore, it might not be difficult for you to get a sip of Re.juve’s refreshing, cold-pressed beverages!

While the physical launch in i12 Katong has passed, you haven’t missed out on all the fun just yet! Re.juve is holding another relaunch at Capitaspring on the 23rd of November to the 24th of November, from 11am-4pm. So if you’d like to have a taste of Re.juve’s delicious drinks, and join in on the fun, you’ve still got a chance. 

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