Andersen’s of Denmark launches exciting new range of products.

Andersen’s of Denmark has recently launched new menu items and CSR programmes that give back to the environment and community.

If you are craving delicious ice cream, one of the places you’ll probably visit is Andersen’s of Denmark. The Danish brand is known for its delectable ice cream flavours, fluffy Danish waffles, and famous ice cream cakes.

Now, in a bid to refresh its existing menu, Andersen’s has curated a new range of sweet treats that’ll definitely make you come back for more!

bingsu with a Danish twist.

First up is an all-new menu item – Danish Inspired Bingsu. This is an interesting venture that sees premium Danish ice cream flavours fused with traditional Korean desserts made from fine ice shavings. This pairing is then complemented with a roulette of different toppings.

Four flavours are available – Mango Blondie, Creamy Cookies, Strawberry Tickles and Triple Chocolate Fantasy.

Our favourite has to go to the Mango Blondie, which is a concoction of fluffy ice topped with milk and mangoes. If that wasn’t sweet enough, it is then topped off with cheesecake bits and a scoop of ice cream. Recommended for sharing, unless you’re feeling adventurous!

reinvent the waffle wheel.

What’s ice cream without a healthy serving of waffles? Adding to their line-up of new items, Andersen’s all-new and improved Belgian waffle is also being introduced. These waffles are made using Andersen’s tried and tested recipe, resulting in a crispy outside and fluffy inside. 

The waffles can be customised with a variety of toppings such as fruits, confectioneries, and a variety of sauces. All of these are finished with a scoop of premium Andersen’s ice cream in your preferred flavour. Go ahead, pick your poison.

portable and yummy Dandy alternative.

If you’re someone who might not see pint-sized portions as satisfactory or just want a small treat to savour on the go, Andersen’s is launching a new smaller portion size.

Dubbed the Dandy Cup, it is poised to launch early next year, allowing customers to enjoy single-person servings on the go. The flavours will be identical to the regular pint-sized sizes.

giving back through CSR programmes.

This year, Andersen’s is not just expanding its product range. The Danish firm will also further its mission to spread happiness by hosting monthly workshops for children to help cultivate good reading habits.

Here’s a fact that you probably didn’t know. Andersen’s of Denmark is actually related to famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, a well-known author who published numerous famous fairy tales! Hence, these workshops will see volunteer teachers run workshops based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

The workshops will be hosted at Andersen’s flagship branch located in Jewel and will feature a storytelling session and a craft workshop. Participants will then receive a free scoop of ice cream and bookstore vouchers. Neat!

The first of these workshops was held on 16 October 2022, and these workshops are held on the third Sunday of each month.

have your cake and… give a tree too?

With the Christmas festive season around the corner, prepare to have your yearly fill of traditional log cakes. If you’re looking to grab one to celebrate, why not check out Andersen’s signature ice cream cake range, which includes their fan-favourite log cakes.

Best of all, for every 100 Christmas log cakes sold this year, Andersen’s is pledging to plant a tree through the Plant a Tree Programme with National Parks Board (Nparks). A pretty interesting dynamic between log cakes and trees, but nonetheless the team here at futr are fully supportive of this initiative!

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