cutting-edge F&B automation technology with FZ Digital.

FZ Digital, an F&B technology solutions venture in Singapore, brings new cutting-edge automation and robotics technology to the local food and beverage (F&B) industry.

FZ Digital, an F&B technology solutions venture in Singapore, is poised to spearhead the robot-enhanced F&B workforce in Singapore. Partnering with CloudMinds and POSBANK, FZ Digital will be launching Singapore’s first F&B robotics and smart kiosks, in a bid to alleviate Singapore’s dwindling F&B manpower crisis. 

the prevalence of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing industry projected to be worth USD54.3 billion globally by 2030. At FHA-HoReCa, a food service & hospitality event held at the Singapore Expo from 25 – 28 October 2022, FZ Digital launched two AI robots, dubbed the Cloud Ginger Lite D Series, and smart kiosks. These products serve to address manpower woes in the F&B industry and enable businesses to maximise productivity while providing better customer experiences.

Implementing artificial intelligence in future F&B establishments is estimated to save between 30%-70% on labour costs for restaurants. These robots are able to perform most of the tasks humans are able to do,  which can significantly reduce human dependency, and by extension corporate manpower costs.

“The introduction of robotics into F&B is a much-needed step to push innovation and alleviate the many woes of the F&B industry. Manpower issues and labour shortages have become rampant in Singapore and worldwide, with the recovery of many restaurants and F&B outlets from the pandemic dampened by a stark struggle to hire staff. Many who left the country when borders shut have decided to not return, resulting in severe shortage and, consequently, higher costs to obtain and retain labour,” said Chris Tarr, Chief Product Officer of FZ Digital.

1DERLIFE Growth, an acquisition company based in Singapore, acquired FoodZaps, a POS software company founded in 2014. It then rebranded FoodZaps to FZ Digital.

launching Singapore’s first F&B robotics and smart kiosks.

The two robotic stock-keeping units (SKUs) that were launched during FHA-HoReCa are the D300 Circular Tray and D311 Square Cabinets automated food delivery robots. Both robots are equipped with an auto navigation and obstacle system, enabling them to operate in complex situations.

Using clever localization and navigation based on a 3D semantic map and multiple sensors, they have the ability to perceive their 3D environment to deliver food to diners quickly and safely. Based on cloud communication and algorithm architecture, rapid decision-making and intelligent scheduling ensure the orderly operation of multiple robots in the same establishment.

By interconnecting with other Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as elevators, access control, turnstiles, and telephones, Ginger Lite can also provide accurate delivery services autonomously.

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