sustainable food trails, games, and more with Choose Good with Mandai.

Sustainable food comes easy with Choose Good with Mandai! Check out the food trail, game challenges and more. 

You’ve probably heard of the somewhat-snarky terms ‘apex predator’ or ‘alpha male’ being thrown around as memes on the Internet. Although usually used to poke fun at someone who’s being unnecessarily predatory or dominant, these terms do hold meaning when it comes to describing the role that an animal plays in their pack or ecosystem. 

In the wild, everyone has a role. Whether you’re an animal, plant, or even human, the way we act, eat, and live determines the balance of the ecosystem. Which is why understanding sustainability also means understanding the role every organism plays, and how it ties into keeping our planet alive and thriving. 

Choose Good with Mandai. 

This year, the Mandai Wildlife Group is launching a new campaign to raise awareness on the value of wildlife, as well as the symbiotic relationship between people, nature and the world.

Choose Good with Mandai will highlight how the different actions we take daily affect the way the world grows. In essence, every conscious choice we make can go a long way into protecting wildlife and preserving natural resources for future generations. Whether it’s eating ‘ugly foods’, or going plant-based, Choose Good with Mandai hopes to motivate Singaporeans to lower their environmental impact through everyday actions. 

The campaign will consist of two key activities: the Choose Good Food Trail happening from 21 October to 25 November 2022, and the Choose Good Game Challenge which will take place from 18 November to 16 December 2022.

“We are tapping on our shared love for food and the gaming culture of today – both highly accessible and well-loved concepts – to draw interest and rally people into action. Food and beverages form a large portion of most people’s expenses and daily consumption, so we are zooming in on choices that are simple and can become a way of life. Making good choices for the planet is not ground-breaking but it makes all the difference when people come together to continuously do that every day. We hope to bring as many people as possible on board to Choose Good with Mandai and our community of conscious collaborators,” Ms Suzanne Ho, Senior Vice President, Brand & Communications for Mandai Wildlife Group said.

the Choose Good Food Trail.

Love your makan or brunch sessions in Singapore? The Choose Good Food Trail might just be up your alley. Featuring up to 20 eateries in Singapore with specially curated dishes inspired by the diets of regional wildlife, the curated food trail highlights three important roles each species plays in maintaining balance in the ecosystem: through seed dispersal, nutrient cycling and managing wildlife populations. 

“Our food trail is created with 20 local food establishments which manage their operations with the planet in mind, putting environmental and social issues at the heart of their businesses. By doing so, we hope people are more aware of the options they have, and what sustainable businesses do and practise. The multiplier effect from individuals and businesses choosing good together spells hope for people, wildlife and nature to have a healthier planet to share and live in,” Ms Suzanne Ho added.

The best part? We’ve made it easy for you – check out all 20 eateries here. 

the Choose Good Game Challenge. 

Love mobile games? The Choose Good Game Challenge should come easy to you, then! The mobile game features an animal going on adventures to save ugly food and collect sustainably sourced seafood & plant-based food items! Oh and did we mention? You get to pick your favourite animal character! 

Set against backdrops and living spaces such as the supermarket and kitchen, players can explore ways to protect the environment in their everyday life. This includes understanding how to look out for packaging with labels like the ASC green tick or the BAP logo that involve processes which do not harm the ecosystem. 

And hey, what’s a game without a prize? The Choose Good Game Challenge comes with prizes like tickets to the signature Panda Tour at River Wonders, a private buggy tour around Singapore Zoo, and more!

sustanability: more than just recycling. 

When it comes to going more sustainable, our first thoughts often run to reusing items, reducing plastic, and recycling what we already have. And while that’s entirely true, it’s definitely not the full picture. Thanks to the Choose Good with Mandai campaign though, Singaporeans can take part in wildlife conservation, and learn how our everyday actions can have a huge impact on saving species from extinction and ensuring that our environment thrives.

Enjoyed this article? Check out these 17 eateries with sustainable, wildlife-inspired food , or find out how you can enjoy wild marine life in Singapore!

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