Science Centre unveils new Climate Changed exhibition.

Science Centre Singapore today unveiled Climate Changed, a new exhibition curated to highlight the real and present threat of climate change.

Science Centre Singapore has recently unveiled Climate Changed, a new state-of-the-art exhibition curated to highlight the real and present threat of ongoing climate change and the consequences of human inaction.

Climate Changed is the third edition of the Science Centre’s climate change campaign experience. The first exhibition was launched back in 2008 for insights into the developing state of climate phenomena, and the second was launched in 2014 to foster personal environmental stewardship. 

The exhibition has two interactive parts, one of which is dubbed The Climate Action Show. It is an interactive 20-minute production produced by Science Centre Singapore and Science North, Canada’s leading interactive science museum. The show’s premise is to educate guests on the basics of climate science, using terms that are easy to digest.

Presented by four local and foreign climate scientists who champion work on sustainability-based research, the show is also joined by five local and foreign advocates who have individually spearheaded efforts against climate change. Together, these presenters encourage guests to take active action against climate change.

After indulging in The Climate Action Show, guests then can proceed on to Guilt Trip. This is another interactive element to the exhibition inspired by board games, and it takes guests on a “road trip” through five themed zones – Water Consumption, Food Waste & Food Production, Technology & Electricity Consumption, Recyclability & Sustainability, and Emissions. Through playing the game, guests will be able to learn more about sustainability in everyday situations.

When they reach the end of the gaming arena, participants can obtain a “Climate Driver’s License”, which is a digital scorecard illustrating their proficiency at climate action, as well as a list of sustainability tips which they can use in their day-to-day lives.

Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment of Singapore, was in attendance to launch the new exhibition. With the launch of Climate Changed, it is officially the centre’s biggest gamified exhibition experience to date, in line with their strategy to lower knowledge barriers, enabling more audiences to understand complex topics.

In addition, the exhibition also exemplifies the lessons it seeks to teach, with displays built using environmentally friendly materials like Oriented Strand Boards, facilitating an update to the space with minimal waste generated.

During his speech, Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of the Science Centre Board added that through this exhibition, the centre hopes to raise awareness that the climate emergency demands action from the public now, and we need to work together to change the future of our world, starting today.

The permanent exhibition will be officially opened to the public on 21 October 2022, and admission is complimentary with every Science Centre Singapore ticket. More information on Climate Changed can be found here.

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