Mercedes debuts the new EQV electric van in Singapore.

Back in 2019, Mercedes-Benz presented its Concept EQV as a study at the Geneva Motor Show. 3 years later and with their new push for electrification, the production-ready EQV is debuting in Singapore.

The first van in the new electrified Mercedes-EQ lineup, the EQV touts emission-free utility transport, high practicality and the same premium aesthetic befitting of vehicles from the three-pointed German star.

With a 100kW battery, the EQV boasts an estimated max range of 426 kilometres (NEDC), which could be an enticing proposition for businesses who wish to use this new EV for corporate use. Energy can also be recuperated via regenerative braking.

For drivers who want to maximise their range, the ECO Assistant included with the EQV will be automatically activated as you drive along, providing drivers with insights to achieve the best possible efficiency.

DC fast charging is also available, enabling the EQV to juice up from 10 to 80 per cent in approximately 40 minutes at a maximum rate of 110 kW. 50 kW will do the same job in 75 minutes. As standard, the EQV will also come with a water-cooled onboard charger (OBC) with an 11kW rated capacity, giving customers the versatility of AC charging.

The EQV will come with a single motor drivetrain powering the front wheels, with a maximum output of 150 kW. Mercedes has also positioned the battery pack underneath the floor of the van, which it claims has not compromised overall space.

Having the battery low and central also gives the EQV better handling characteristics. Goods vehicle speed restrictions aside, Mercedes touts a top speed of up to 160 km/h. 

As EVs tend to not have many outstanding exterior design traits in order to make their bodies more aerodynamic, the EQV is pretty tame looking on the outside, save for a black radiator grille with chrome fins and lightweight 18-inch wheels.

The real appeal is on the inside, where flexible installation of seats allows the EQV to be converted into either a seven or an eight-seater.  

In line with the other EQ models, the EQV features a 10-inch touchscreen central media display. For hands-free convenience, the entertainment system includes intelligent voice control with natural language comprehension, which is activated by the keyword “Hey Mercedes”.

The voice control supports many infotainment functions, even items such as climate control and interior lighting. Wonder what would happen if you asked the system to direct you to the nearest Bavarian showroom…

To aid prospective customers with their transition to EVs, Mercedes will offer additional services to aid in wall box charger installations. This service may include a preliminary check of the location, detailed consultation and assistance in installation.

Mercedes will launch the EQV will a starting price of $390,888, accurate at the time of writing. If you like to find out more, head on over to their website.

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Sean Loo

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