a Formula 1 trip down memory lane with DZ Engineering’s photo exhibition.

The Singapore Grand Prix finally came back after a two-year hiatus, and with it came tons of fanfare and events specifically tailored towards the night race spectacle.

action-packed photo exhibition.

The weekend saw the highest number of spectators ever recorded at a grand prix on our shores, and the race itself was truly breathtaking, with tons of action from lights out to the checkered flag.

With excitement at an all-time high towards the long-awaited comeback of Formula 1 in Singapore, fans of the internationally acclaimed motorsport event were also able to take a trip down memory lane with the DZ Engineering photo exhibition titled, “Twelve Years of Lights and Racing in the Lion City”.

The DZ Engineering photo exhibition was hosted at The Arts House last week from 28 September to 3 October. Admissions were free of charge, and the main highlight of the exhibition was 160 photographic works, classified by year, produced by Italian photographer Flavio Mazzi, a well-known figure in the Formula 1 community. He has amassed over four decades of experience under his belt and has covered over 450 Formula 1 Grand Prix events. His photographs illustrate some of the most dramatic and shocking moments that have ever occurred over different races.

The works he has exhibited documents the evolution of the Singapore Grand Prix, which incidentally is the first-ever night race in Formula 1’s history. Since its inception way back in 2008, the race has become a fan favourite. Whether you’re there to catch the fast cars or the array of international bands, there’s something for everyone over the course of the F1 weekend.

DZ Engineering and their quest for sustainability 

The team here at futr were also provided with an exclusive opportunity to interview Mr Roberto Grilli, General Manager of DZ Engineering SRL. The Italian firm has been a key factor in Singapore’s night race, providing the track with homologated and FIA-approved lighting systems which ensure the safety of both drivers and spectators during the race. These lights are also constantly updated when new regulations have been put in place.

In the interview, Roberto shares how DZ Engineering has been starting to adopt more sustainable solutions At the moment, the company is making use of newly developed technology comprising LED track lights which increase energy efficiency significantly and thus reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions. DZ Engineering SRL also has a patented solution for lighting flux control and consumption which help create a system that reduces light spillage and increases overall energy-saving capacity.

Apart from track lighting, DZ Engineering SRL also handles all of the telecommunications and race control systems that oversee the race. This includes CCTV systems, radio communications for marshals on the track, audio and video installations, timing systems, and the entire fibre-optic infrastructure for signal distribution. Indeed, a lot of work does go behind a single exciting race!

Outside of Singapore, DZ Engineering SRL has also provided sustainable lighting infrastructure for multiple international events including the Formula E World Championship, with one notable example being the night race held in Diriyah. 

The company is looking towards proposing either full or partial rental services of equipment to their clients too in the near future, as rental options will allow their equipment to be reused rather than only purchased and used once, reducing the likelihood of wastage.

Mr Roberto ended off by sharing that sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and his team is always working towards ensuring their technology can be improved constantly to be increasingly energy efficient and sustainable. 

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