dystopian oceans: 5 short stories by acclaimed Singaporean writers.

The Little Mermaid’s trailer received its much deserved celebration recently; a story that brings both hope and imagination to viewers. But as we await the fairytale’s live action movie release, why not discover, admire and conserve something a little closer to home?  

Singapore’s waters are teeming with beautiful marine life – our little red dot is home to 12,000-17,000 marine organisms. Unfortunately, this ecosystem is under immediate threat. From coral bleaching to ocean acidification, it’s a surprise that only 0.56% of all philanthropic funding is channelled to the ocean, making the ocean the least funded Sustainable Development Goal. 

In line with the Singapore government’s recent commitments towards marine protection, regional agency Mutant Communications recently invited 5 acclaimed Singaporean writers – Pooja Nansi, Amanda Lee Koe, Suffian Hakim, Joshua IP and Neo Xiao Yun – to imagine and narrate the dystopian futures of our oceans. 

Peering Into The Future & ocean conservation.

Ocean Conservation 1

Listen to a talking Merlion tell his tales, follow a Hawksbill Turtle as it returns to Singapore, and explore the emotions of a wife on the verge of an emotional breakdown! Peering Into Our Future: A Series of Unfortunate Short Stories is a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to use the power of creative storytelling to narrate the chilling possibilities that our oceans’ future holds if action is not taken.

Ocean Conservation 2

The initiative is a prelude to Coastal Natives’ Waves of Change Festival, an exhibition organised to inspire love and care for the ocean. Happening from 10 September to 9 October, the event will feature a variety of ocean-related exhibitions – from underwater photography to multimedia ocean art. The stories from the Peering Into Our Future collection will also be displayed amongst these brilliant and captivating artworks. 

So if you’ve got no plans this weekend and want to learn more about ocean conservation, be sure to splash your way to the Waves of Change Festival, or curl up in bed and visit Peering Into Our Future to engross yourself in the 5 inspired short stories by Singapore’s acclaimed writers.

Love all things marine? Explore Singapore’s wild marine life hotspots, or check out Singapore’s underrated hidden green spaces this weekend!

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