EV Weekend: should you visit Singapore’s first and largest EV event?

Touted as the first and largest EV event in Singapore, is EV Weekend really worth a trip to the southern tip of Singapore? Well, yes. But not quite for the reasons you think.

To be honest, I had pretty high expectations when I heard about EV Weekend, organised by UCARS. The event is held both physically at Resorts World Sentosa, and virtually on their website from 3-12 December.

I mean, it’s not every day you have some of the country’s best selling, and most talked about EVs all gathered in one location. And while I suppose that alone may be reason enough to go, I went in expecting Singapore Motorshow BIG.

And I’m talking roast turkey with all the trimmings. Y’know, free merch, loud music, eager sales people, shiny cars and of course, *whispers* discounts.

what? no balloons?

So colour me confused when we arrived at Resorts World Sentosa expecting the event to be held at a convention hall or similar. Instead, there were about 10 cars on display that stretched pretty much from one end of The Forum to the other. And not a single balloon in sight. Not that I’m complaining.

Strolling down the stretch we saw the likes of Mercedes-EQ with the EQA, Audi’s e-tron Sportback, the MINI Electric, and even MG with their ZS EV. There were also humble displays from tyre companies like Pirelli and Bridgestone, along with other players in the local EV industry.

But I was curious what was stopping the organisers from going even bigger – was it just a matter of pandemic restrictions and limitations?

So I was thankful to be able to have a chat with Leow Ju-Len, Chief Content Officer of UCARS, and Managing Editor of CarBuyer.

but you’re bound to take home something more.

“We’re not trying to sell cars. The point here is awareness and education about EVs. It’s important that we address common misconceptions people have about them,” Ju-Len explains.

Misconceptions, I ask? Ju-Len delves deeper and mentions that there are usually concerns about battery life or charging duration, and hopes that the event will help address them.

We also learn that there’ll also be panel discussions and talks featuring industry experts, regulators as well as EV owners. These discussions will be streamed online.

Carrying on the event with this in mind, I started noticing the smaller, but nonetheless important details. Information corners on making the transition from an ICE vehicle to an EV, and even nifty QR codes that guide you to more pages that share more useful tidbits of info.

test drives, you say?

Awareness aside, we learn that EV Weekend will also be offering on-site test drives on specific days. Consumers and enthusiasts can gain a first-hand experience of the EVs themselves, to get a better grasp of the EV ecosystem and EV capabilities. Of course, in an age of restrictions, pre-registration is required.

I imagine these on-site test drives are bound to get visitors the most excited. Afterall, it’s not every day you get to take hot favourites from various car makes out for a spin.

that’s not the only thing that’s new.

Another highlight is the new BMW iX which is also on display to the public for the first time. Having come a long way from their launch of the BMW I sub-brand in 2011, the iX is BMW’s EV flagship. On the outside, it’s as futuristic as you’d expect. (where have the handles gone?)

Within, the story is eco. There’s wood panelling and a leather interior treated by olive leaves (instead of conventional tanning agents).

Of course, that’s not discounting many excellent offering from other brands. If you’re curious what else is in store, our friends at Burnpavement.com listed out some key highlights here!

so should you stay or should you go?

So I realise at the end, y’know I’m not really bothered about the lack of gimmicks. It’s an event that’s very in line with sustainability goals. Especially when you consider things like zero-waste and the whole idea that less is actually… more.

And the more I think about it, it’s cool that it’s not in some fancy convention hall with ticketed entry. Afterall, the point is education and awareness. So it makes sense that it’s held somewhere where anyone can walk on by and just learn a little more about EVs. Whether or not you’re considering buying one at the moment.

and if you’re wondering…

Yes, it’s free.

EV Weekend takes place from 3-12 December at Resorts World Sentosa, though you can also join in the fun virtually via their website!

If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to check out more cool EVs at our Rides section! Or take a closer look at the new BMW iX here!

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