PropertyGuru’s Green Score brings you closer to the perfect eco-friendly home.

If you’re on the lookout for a new home that ties in perfectly with your eco-friendly lifestyle, check out PropertyGuru’s new Green Score feature that’ll lead you on your way to sustainable urban living.

It’s no surprise that homeseekers in Singapore have an endless list of criteria when it comes to picking out a new home. After all, a new home is a big ticket purchase, and in land scarce Singapore, homes don’t come cheap either.

From proximity to public transport, nearby amenities, friendly neighbours, to even just general condition of the house (if you’re buying a resale flat), there are many things that make a home ideal to some. If you’ve been trying to live more eco-consciously or sustainably however, you’ve probably also listed down things like, “smart systems” or “eco-friendly home”.

If this sounds pretty much like you, here’s some good news. Property tech company PropertyGuru is about to make your home search a whole lot easier with their new Green Score feature.

PropertyGuru Green Score is essentially a sustainability rating attributed to condominiums and HDBs listed on their website.

Website visitors will be able to see just how sustainable a particular home is in Singapore. The score ranges from 1-5 (average, good, to excellent), and is based on criteria including proximity to public transport, green building assessments such as BCA’s Green Mark certification, and sustainability awards won.

The company is currently looking into adding more relevant criteria in the future.

is there really a need for the Green Score?

Explains Hari V. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of PropertyGuru Group, “Green Score practically enables Singaporeans to prioritise ‘sustainability’ as a consideration in their property decisions.”

But are Singaporeans really concerned about sustainable or eco-friendly housing?

A new survey done by PropertyGuru shows promising results. It found that 82% of Singaporeans were willing to pay more for an environmentally sustainable home. Among the top 3 sustainable features Singaporeans looked out for included smart cooling systems, high-insulation windows and doors and solar panels.

“Since its soft launch in February 2021, nearly 2 million property seekers have viewed the Green Score. We commit to making changes in our own business to meet the goals stated in the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and to building a better home for our future generations,” Mr. Krishnan continues.

they’re also in search of more ways to go green.

But apart from the Green Score, PropertyGuru has also been finding more ways to shed more light on green practices when it comes to the property market.

The brand has published over 100 green living guides to increase awareness about sustainable living. It has also introduced awards for sustainable projects at its PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards catered to developers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

And apart from internal initiatives such as GreenGuru which promote eco-friendly practices within the company, PropertyGuru is also looking towards a greener future. This year, it is working on a Greenhouse Gas Emission Audit & Reduction Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out more about about the Green Score here, or get started on your search for that perfect green home at PropertyGuru!

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