Hyundai Motors electrifies tomorrow’s automotive-industry workforce.

The future is electric and today’s professionals and students are being geared up for what’s to come, all thanks to Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, and Hyundai Motors.

In partnership with Hyundai Motors, ITE College West has launched a series of Micro Learning Courses (MLCs) focusing on Sustainable Land Transportation Systems.

not just for technicians.

These MLCs offer an opportunity for current automotive industry workers, those looking to switch careers to the automotive industry, and students in automotive courses to upgrade themselves and be equipped with the necessary technical knowledge to be familiar with and handle an electrified range of vehicles such as hybrid and fully electric vehicles (EVs).

straight from the lecturer.

“With MLCs, we are able to reach out to a larger community to impart technical knowledge on vehicle electrification,” explained Mr Delvin Lee, who is a Lecturer in Automotive Engineering at ITE College West, and also curator of the MLC on Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

We hope that all MLCs attendees will benefit from our bite sized and easily digestible content, and are inspired to own an electric or a hybrid vehicle over a conventional one.

— Mr Delvin Lee

staff benefit from MLCs.

“So far customers like to know how safe an electric vehicle is, and how easy it is to charge an electric vehicle including charging time and process. These are covered in the courses and I was able to learn and effectively share this information with my customers,” said Komoco Motors Sales Consultant Ms Nellie Koh.

“I found the explanation of electrified vehicles like electric and hybrid vehicles easily digestible. It equipped me with knowledge to handle the vehicles safely and answer all customers’ queries better,” added Ms Lilian Ho, Customer Relations Officer, Komoco Motors.

student support system.

Through internship placements and employment opportunities, ITE students are provided holistic support, helping them to acquire real-life experience and hands-on skills.

An example of this program is Mr Lim Tze Xuan, a 2nd year student, from Nitec in Automotive Technology, who has just completed his 6-month internship in automotive engineering at Komoco Motors. During his internship, Mr Lim assisted the Automotive Engineer to support and troubleshoot hybrid and electric vehicles, and also helped to successfully repair a hybrid vehicle, thereby igniting his passion for automotive engineering and helping him appreciate the true value of hands-on experience.

“ITE embraces strong partnerships with industry players such as Komoco to give our students the opportunity to experience real work environments as well as exciting emerging technologies,” said Ms Alice Seow, Principal, ITE College West.

Such experiences will inspire the younger generation to pursue careers in automotive trade and enhance the overall workforce performance.

— Ms Alice Seow

More on MLCs module and online applications for the public can be found here.

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Vivek is an automotive enthusiast, future-tech explorer and has just started getting into bikes. He believes that because science is always evolving and never settled, we should never stop looking for better ways to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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