6 online grocery shops you probably didn’t know about.

If you’re looking for more options for all your grocery shopping needs, check out these awesome online grocery shops that’ll keep your pantries stocked, and bellies happy.

With Phase 2 back again, you’ve probably been trying to avoid the crowds a lot more and do most of your grocery shopping online. If you’re running out of patience waiting for delivery slots to open up on chain supermarket websites, believe me, I understand. *sadly removes items from cart*

So instead, do yourself a favour and check out some of these fantastic local grocers. It’s also heartening to know that many of these online grocery shops keep in mind sustainability goals when acquiring their products! Though there are many more local, independent grocers out there, these are some of our top favourites.

1. Ugly Food.

Image credits: Ugly Food

Having been around for over 4 years, Ugly Food’s dedicated team believes that beauty is more than skin deep. In the same vein, their produce consists of fruits and vegetables that are often times mistaken for being spoiled because of noticeable blemishes. To combat food wastage, they also sell excess produce that’s caused by over importing and unpredictable demand.

Most of the produce available has a shelf life of about 1-3 days, but are available at a fraction of the price you would normally pay at a supermarket. You’ll also be able to find affordable jars of honey nearing their best before dates, but remember, it’s been said that honey never expires if stored properly! #nobiggie

Great for: Affordable fruits and veggie bundles that are perfect for family meals.

Delivery: Yes, local deliveries available. Or opt for self-collection at their store and pick-up points.

2. Urban Tiller.

Image credits: Urban Tiller

Urban Tiller is a new farm-to-table business that delivers fresh vegetables from local farmers to households within just 6-8 hours from harvest. So you know you’ll be getting super fresh produce! Their produce is also locally grown and delivered sustainably without any food waste. You’ll be able to find local veggies like bok choy, kangkong, bayam, along with microgreens, pesto, and even potted plants if you fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb. Produce options vary depending on the day. 

Great for: Those who love super fresh veggies but also want the convenience of home delivery.

Delivery: Yes, local deliveries available. Free delivery above $25.

3. Mr Farmer.

Image credits: Mr Farmer

Mr Farmer offers a range of poultry and meats online. Wanting to bring you the ‘ho liao’ or ‘good stuff’, they hope to retain the freshness of ingredients that you associate with wet markets. What we love about Mr Farmer is that the products on offer from farms adhere to welfare and production standards. Similarly, their ingredients are also ethically sourced and farmed.

Plus, they also collaborate with local chefs such as Brandon Foo, chef and owner of Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, to offer products such as his Homemade French Style Ham and French Style Pork Fennel and Garlic Sausages! Yum!

Great for: Those looking for a wide variety of fresh cuts of meat and poultry.

Delivery: Yes, local delivery is available from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

4. Ryan’s Grocery.

Image credits: Ryan’s Grocery

A boutique grocery and butcher that caters to discerning foodies, Ryan’s Grocery provides a range of quality cuts of poultry, meat, seafood, veggies, fruits and various pantry staples. Best of all, they cater to people with special dietary requirements with a wide range of options. So you’d be able to find yummy treats that are gluten-free, dairy-free and the like. They also believe in ethical sourcing by only acquiring meat from certified farms that provide organic or free-range meat.

Great for: Those with specific dietary requirements looking for that perfect one-stop shop for their grocery needs.

Delivery: Yes, next day deliveries available or opt for self-collection at their outlets.

5. Dish the Fish.

Image credits: UOB

I have many fond memories of shopping at the wet market with my Dad when I was younger. Our regular fishmonger knew what we liked and when my Dad would say things like, “for curry” or “for soup”, he always delivered. Dish the Fish aims to bring the same familiarity to their customers online.

As a “new age fishmonger”, they offer a wide range of fresh fish, from ikan kurau, salmon, wild cod to snapper, and also tasty pastes. What we love most is the child-cut option on the website, where fish is cut into bite sized pieces for your little one. You can also explore products by cooking styles to find which would best suit your needs. While they have 2 physical stores, you can easily browse options on their website if you don’t want to make the trip out.

Great for: Those who appreciate some extra help or customisation when choosing their seafood online.

Delivery: Yes. Free shipping for orders over $80. $20 delivery charge for orders under $80. Self-collection at their outlets available.

6. Sasha’s Fine Foods.

Image credits: Gluten Free SG

Sasha’s Fine Foods provides a wide range of meats, poultry, meat-alternatives, dry goods, and fresh bakes of their own. Priding themselves as a “planet positive online grocer”, their food comes from farmers given a fair price, and who care for their workers and animals. We love that Sasha stocks everything you could possibly need to conjure up fantastic meals for your families. Plus, they share some cool recipes you could try too!

Great for: Those looking for a good selection of healthy options and organic food.

Delivery: Yes, same-day and next-day deliveries available.

Psst. If you’re done browsing online grocery shops, learn more about cruelty free beauty products here or find out how our writer fared shopping sustainably for a month.

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