this social media challenge wants you to put your best foot(print) forward.

Temasek Shophouse launches the Carbon Copy Challenge, a new social media movement urging Singaporeans to reduce their carbon footprint one act at a time.

Remember when copying anything at school used to earn you several hours of detention? Well how the tables have turned.

Earlier this week, Temasek Shophouse, a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance and elevate initiatives and activities that contribute towards the common good, launched a social media movement called the Carbon Copy Challenge. The challenge aims to inspire a public movement to collectively reduce our carbon footprint.

the challenge.

Image credits: Temasek Shophouse

To participate, you can start by choosing one of the various actions to reduce your carbon footprint from their Carbon Offset Starter Pack viewable on their social media channels. These include anything from cutting down on meat and dairy, reducing food waste, recycling at home and using earth-friendly reusables. Individuals and organisations can then share their actions on Facebook or Instagram, tag 3 friends to ‘carbon copy’ them, while using the following hashtags: #CarbonCopyChallenge, #CarbonCopyTSH and #TemasekShophouse.

kickstarters of good.

Team members of Foodscape Collective in discussion. | Image credits: Foodscape Collective

To kickstart the campaign, Temasek Shophouse is working with teams such as Foodscape Collective, a group of like-minded individuals whose aims are to create a fair and circular food system for all.

“Foodscape Collective is thrilled to be part of the Carbon Copy Challenge, as it is a great movement to inculcate sustainability values in the general public. It is also an opportunity for us to highlight the importance of a regenerative way of life that is truly sustainable with care for self, society and the planet.” said Tan Hang Chong, Guardian of Foodscape Collective.

Other kickstarters include Kate Yeo of BYOB Singapore, Jasmine Tuan from Cloop and Michelle Chow from Pass It On.

the need for more.

While heartened by the general level of awareness about sustainability in Singapore, Yvonne Tay, Director of Temasek Shophouse hopes that the campaign will spur others onto their own sustainability journeys.

“We hope that through the Carbon Copy Challenge, we can all collectively start our journey and maintain the momentum towards a sustainable society in the future,” she notes.

According this website, though Singapore accounts for 0.11% of global emissions, in terms of carbon emissions per capita, it is also 27th out of 142 countries, producing almost double the average.

Image credits: Temasek Shophouse

Temasek Shophouse notes that while the government and industries work towards transitioning to a more sustainable future through the Singapore Green Plan 2030, it hopes that movements such as the Carbon Copy Challenge will encourage more individuals to start their own sustainability journey.

Check out Temasek Shophouse on Instagram or Facebook for more details!

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