buying a laptop? now you can offset its CO₂ emissions before you get it.

A new service from Lenovo, Lenovo CO2 Offset Services, will let companies offset carbon emissions of selected new Lenovo products at the point of purchase.

Announced today, the Lenovo CO2 Offset Services will let customers choose carbon offset projects from a range of United Nations-approved initiatives.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6.

cool. but how does it work exactly?

First, customers would have to purchase a product from a selected list of new Lenovo products which include notebooks, smart devices, monitors and of course, the iconic ThinkPad range.

The carbon emissions for each of these products have been pre-calculated to factor in emissions produced from the manufacture and shipping of each individual products, as well as from the usage period of an estimated 5 years.

Once that’s done, you’d be able to choose from a range of carbon offset initiatives approved by the UN. Partner initiatives in Asia Pacific include a biomass energy project that generates electricity using a sugar mill, a wind energy project that generates clean and renewable energy, as well as a project that offers waste disposal in a safe and clean manner that generates renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gases.

Your CO2 offset option will then be integrated into the Serial Number of your order, while Lenovo reports to its official CO2 Offset partner. From this, the partner will issue a unique certificate with specific HW Serial Number(s) to you. Nice.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano.

so what’s the reason for the service?

Apart from the growing trend of enabling consumers to make more eco-conscious shopping decisions, Ronnie Lee, General Manager at Lenovo Singapore had this to say:

“This is a unique opportunity for our customers to see direct carbon offset results that are tangible through the IT purchases they make, and it is also a cause that is entrenched in Lenovo’s beliefs and mission.”

And rightly so as the service seeks to meet customers’ growing desire for eco-transparency in their purchases. It is also one of the first in the world to tie dedicated offsets to individual products.

For starters, the service is currently only available for businesses. But the next time your nifty laptop fails you at work, we’d recommend sharing this article with the nice folks from your purchasing department.

To learn more about the Lenovo CO2 Offset service, click here or view the list of approved Lenovo products here.

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