5 cool facts about the BMW iX3.

BMW has premiered its first-ever fully-electric SUV. Here’s five cool facts you should know about the BMW iX3.

BMW iX3 rear

BMW customers now have the choice of four propulsion options when they purchase a new BMW X3. Petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and most recently, full-electric (EV). With the CLAR architecture, BMW can simply replace the fossil fuel drivetrain with an electric motor & battery combination.

1. it’s the first-ever fully-electric BMW model since the i3.

BMW iX3 at charging station

BMW has taken their years of technological know-how from the BMW i3 to create the BMW iX3. In this fifth-generation ‘eDrive’ drivetrain, the EV recipe has been tweaked and improved to perfection.

In the iX3, the eDrive electric motor puts out 282 bhp of power and 400 Nm of torque, which propels the electric SUV to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. Up to 520 kilometres of range is expected, thanks to the 80 kWh battery.

2. it’ll be BMW’s first model to be produced in China for export.

BMW Brilliance Automotive factory, Shenyang, China

The iX3 will be the first in the world to be manufactured in BMW’s plant in Shenyang, China for export. A joint venture between BMW and China’s Brilliance Auto, technology features heavily in the production process. There’s a ‘zero defect’ production concept, with digital systems that monitor all production parameters to eliminate errors before they occur.

The decision for manufacturing in China isn’t cost-related, though. China is the biggest buyer of electric vehicles worldwide, with more than half of the world’s EVs on their streets.

3. it’s an EV that still drives like a traditional BMW.

You get the best of both worlds in the iX3 – a classic driving experience in a new-age electric vehicle. It’s got a rear-wheel drive layout and rear-biased weight distribution, with 57% of the 2.2-ton kerb weight at the back.

This increases efficiency, too. Sending power from the electric motor nestled over the rear axle directly to the rear wheels means that power loss is kept to a bare minimum.

4. it’s got a soundscape composed by Hans Zimmer.

BMW iX3 interior

Every sound you hear in the iX3 has been developed in collaboration with world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer. That includes everything from the startup sound, to the sound you hear while accelerating. This acoustic feedback is designed specifically to elevate the driver’s sense of excitement, no matter the driving conditions.

BMW calls this the ‘IconicSounds Electric’, and will feature in other electric BMW models in time to come.

5. its electric drivetrain uses zero rare earth materials.

BMW electric motor

Unlike regular electric motors which need magnets composed of rare earth materials in order to function, the iX3’s electric motor’s movement is induced by an electric current. This means that it’s not only better for the earth, but also eliminates dependency on these finite natural materials.

Additionally, the iX3’s batteries use just a third of the cobalt required by the previous-generation EV battery. Whatever little cobalt that’s used now comes from trusted sources which comply with environmental and social standards.

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